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For over one hundred years the name of Samuel Ready has been associated with educational opportunities for Maryland girls. From 1887 to 1977, that association was with Samuel Ready School; since then with Samuel Ready Scholarships, Inc.
Samuel Ready School opened on November 1, 1887, with seven girls. The original location was a roomy building on a 16-acre estate called Belmont, later to become the northeast corner of North Avenue and Harford Road. The first principal, Helen J. Rowe, largely defined the school as the effective combination of a school and a home. In a groundbreaking effort, she gave great weight to both cultural interests and professional career guidance. She guided the school from its founding until her death in 1919.

From 1921 until 1949, Mary E. Krekel served as school head, a period that saw significant change and expansion for the school. In 1937, the School sold the original location and moved to a new building on the City-County boundary on Baltimore National Pike. Subsequent heads of school were Evangeline Lewis (1949-1963); Constance P. Walters (1963-1974); and Jackson E. Heffner (1974-1977).

As operating costs increased and enrollment declined, an annual operating budget deficit was reducing the endowment principal. The Board of Trustees decided to close the school in June 1977 and to become a scholarship organization in order to preserve effectively the intent of the endowment. Thus, though the history of Samuel Ready School ended in June 1977, the quiet philanthropy of Samuel Ready and the traditions of the school that bore his name continue in another context.

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