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Founded in 1784, Friends School of Baltimore provides a coeducational, college preparatory program guided by the Quaker values of truth, equality, simplicity, community and peaceful resolution of conflict. By setting high standards of excellence for a diverse and caring community, Friends seeks to develop in each student the spiritual, intellectual, physical and creative strengths to make a positive contribution to the world.

Friends School has partnered with Samuel Ready Scholarships, Inc., for over twenty years. In that time, our "Ready Scholars" have made important contributions to the Friends School community and, in return, have had life-altering experiences. Many of these girls would not have had the chance to broaden their horizons, be challenged academically and discover their potential were it not for the generosity of the Samuel Ready Board. At Friends School, we have many families who make sacrifices to give their children the benefits of an independent school education. We are grateful for the opportunity to partner with the Samuel Ready Board in our efforts to enrich our students' lives and to amplify our impact in the Baltimore community.

School Overview

Friends School is the best choice for families of Baltimore who want for their children an education that will ready them to lead their lives with wisdom and confidence. The Friends School experience stimulates imaginations, engages intellects, strengthens bodies, and protects spirit. It is a school that gives its students the time and the place in which to build the foundation of a happy, prosperous and contributive life. Friends is an independent school in which girls and boys, women and men share in silence and noise, reflection and debate, with a self-respect and mutual regard that allows all to grow ever stronger and truer to themselves. The oldest school in one of America's foundational cities, Friends School of Baltimore is a progressive community of learning; its commitment to balance in education the product of centuries of work teaching children to find and keep their own balance in a world that is forever changing. Firmly rooted in the enduring values of the Quakers, today's School is a vibrant, 21st Century learning community that chooses simplicity over material possession; peaceful resolution of conflict over aggression; integrity over expedience; equality over elitism; and stewardship of the earth as a collective and personal responsibility. Friends students are lovingly educated; they go many places and do many things, each propelled by possibility, motivated by optimism, unrestricted by convention, reinforced by achievement, and guided by principle.

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