Participating Schools

Samuel Ready Scholarships, Inc. provides scholarship funds to the following Baltimore-area independent schools.

If you are interested in a scholarship, please contact one of the supported schools.

The Bryn Mawr School is very proud of our Samuel Ready Scholars as well as our thirty year association with Samuel Ready Scholarships, Inc.

Bryn Mawr's rich and dynamic academic program cultivates a passion for intellectual curiosity and inspires habits of leadership and a sense of responsibility to the broader community.

Bryn Mawr students are enriched by a talented and diverse student body and are prepared to engage with the broader community with insight, conviction, and compassion. Bryn Mawr graduates, and Samuel Ready Scholars in particular, are well-balanced, successful, and ambitious students that are highly sought after by many of the best colleges and universities in the country.

Founded in 1784, Friends School of Baltimore provides a coeducational, college preparatory program guided by the Quaker values of truth, equality, simplicity, community and peaceful resolution of conflict.

By setting high standards of excellence for a diverse and caring community, Friends seeks to develop in each student the spiritual, intellectual, physical and creative strengths to make a positive contribution to the world.

Samuel Ready Scholarships has played a transformative role at Garrison Forest School since 1977.

Beginning with the first Garrison Forest Samuel Ready Scholarship award 34 years ago, SRS has provided many scholarships for deserving Garrison Forest students. This extraordinary gift has provided Garrison girls life-changing opportunities in academics, athletics, service, leadership, and the arts.

Roland Park Country School is a college preparatory school for girls from Kindergarten through Grade 12 educating women of intelligence, creativity, integrity and vision for more than a century.

RPCS is proud to partner with Samuel Ready Scholarships to offer young women of high academic performance the opportunity to excel in an engaging and inclusive learning community.

Samuel Ready Scholars at RPCS are selected because they best exemplify the values that were important to Samuel Ready – academic achievement, cultural interests and school loyalty.

Since 1979, St. Paul's School for Girls has partnered with Samuel Ready Scholarships, Inc. to help young girls of exceptional academic promise but limited funds attend SPSG.

During the last three decades, Samuel Ready has given scholarship aid to over 56 SPSG students.

These young women have graduated from our school and gone on to some of the finest colleges and universities in the country. Today they are CEOs, teachers, engineers, counselors, businesswomen, and even a television producer.

(Supported through 2020)

Education is the key that opens the door to opportunity for everyone, but especially those families with financial need.

IND was grateful to be among the schools benefiting from the legacy of Samuel Ready and his vision to ensure that girls who demonstrate strong academic promise receive a quality education despite their socio-economic background.

Thanks to the Samuel Ready Scholarships, Inc., program, the past recipients from IND have gone on to be successful in college and beyond, many who are first generation college graduates.